Your Move


This website was a great project for Siobhan Davies Dance, encouraging photography of movement and dance during the run up to the London 2012 Olympics. It was part of Big Dance 2012 festival and was supported by London 2012 Festival. Bullet designed and engineered a site to allow members of the public to sign up and upload their pictures of movement either by the website itself or via automated email. We also came up with the identity for Your Move as well as advising on functionality and scope of the project. Bullet’s Gorm Ashurst was also one of the featured artists involved with the project. Everyone involved has been very pleased with engagement in terms of the amount of users that signed up, and the number of photos posted. As always Bullet enjoyed working with Siobhan Davies staff, who have unique vision for this type of project.

Your Move 2012 photo blog site for Siobhan Davies Dance -