The Arctic Gnome

The Arctic Gnome project was the culmination of Bullet’s Cape Farewell | Eden Project Slow Art Residency. We commissioned artist Elly Voisin to sculpt a bespoke Eden gnome which we then had cast. Between Nov 2012 and Jan 2013 we installed 1000 gnomes at The Eden Project, creating a symbolic Arctic biome that mapped the disappearing Arctic sea ice. The gnomes were given away to the public in return for a pledge about how they can help make the planet a better place, directly engaging visitors with the issue of climate change. There was a major social media element to the project, with people’s pledges being uploaded to the project website and facebook. The gnomes were a hit, and we had great feedback about the way the project engaged visitors with this crucial issue.

Bullet would like to thank the following folk for their help:
Elly Voisin, Amie Rey, Hilary Garnham and all at Eden, Nina Horstman, David Buckland and all at Cape Farewell, Peas Matriarchs, Diane and Ben at Studio Bisque.