Lucid Stead Installation

We are loving what American artist Phillip K Smith III has done. He has added mirrors to the walls of…

11 Oct 2014 | We Love | , ,

The Boneyard Project

Sometimes you come across something on the internet you just have to share. The Boneyard Project is one of those…

19 Apr 2013 | We Love | ,

Peter Saville on Unknown Pleasures

We are loving this video interviewing Peter Saville about the graphic that became New Order’s Unknown Pleasures cover art. A…

28 Jan 2013 | We Love | , ,

Sublime timelapse

A superb timelapse by Terje Sorgjerd shot at the El Teide mouton in Spain

28 Apr 2011 | We Love | ,

Technology Will Save Us

Bullet directors, Gorm and Kathy attended High Tech at Bistroteque on Saturday for a day of Arduino.  Ran by Technology…

20 Feb 2011 | News |


Impressive time-lapse footage of the American Southwest for the film TimeScapes.

9 Nov 2010 | We Love |

Kim Rugg: Cut up artist

The amount of time and effort that goes into this Canadian born, London, UK based artists work is testament to the quality of the…

9 Nov 2010 | We Love | ,

David Engdahl Sculpture

Inspiring stuff from this artist who works in wood taking inspiration from the natural environment. Now where did I put…

4 Oct 2010 | We Love | ,

Homemade Spacecraft

We here at Bullet towers love anything to do with space, and DIY, so when we saw this video, we…

1 Oct 2010 | We Love |

Biodiversity animatIon

Confused about bio diversity and it’s effects on us narrow-minded humanoids? Check out this really nice info-animation from the Vancouver…

23 Aug 2010 | We Love |

500 Frames per second Apollo rocket launch

This footage makes fascinating viewing as the camera is running at 500 fps, making the total clip of over 8…

14 May 2010 | We Love |

Michael Rakowitz Talks

Michael Rakowitz talks about his Tate Modern exhibition. Star Wars! Art! Saddam Husain!

30 Mar 2010 | We Love | , ,

I’m Here by Spike Jonze

Looks like a shed load of dollars was dropped on to Spike Jonze for this interesting project for Absolute Vodka….

20 Mar 2010 | We Love | ,

Thru You – Kutiman mixes YouTube

This is the best thing I have seen today, and I have seen allsorts today. Kutiman, takes unrelated youtube clips and mixes them together to produce these new musical/video mashups. Good good stuff.

17 Mar 2010 | We Love | ,

Piano Stairs

Great concept, superbly executed: Some stairs on Stockholm’s transit station gets transformed in to a piano.

14 Mar 2010 | We Love |

Robyn Hitchcock: Ordinary Millionaire

We are super proud of Bullet friends Robyn Hitchcock (whose site Bullet built btw), Matt Wainwright and Hannah Bird. They…

27 Feb 2010 | We Love | , , ,

Bill Gates goes Nuclear

Not sure if this is super good or super bad for the human race… Microsoft Nuclear Reactor 7 anybody?

22 Feb 2010 | We Love |

GML – Graffiti Markup Language

Fascinating stuff here. These guys have developed a technique which enables them to capture a graffiti artists tag not just…

18 Feb 2010 | We Love | ,

Kinetic Sculpture

Theo Jansen on his kinetic sculpture – fascinating stuff.

16 Feb 2010 | We Love | ,

Brief History of Pretty Much Everything

We’re feeling this stop frame animation…

13 Feb 2010 | We Love |