We Love

Gorm went and visited Vicky Long to check out Studio Long & Scenografika’s latest installation Pleasure. It is a neon and plant based work atop of Vauxhall Gardens Community Centre over looking the historic Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens.  The gardens, variously known as ‘New Spring Gardens’, ‘Vauxhall Gardens’ and ‘The Royal Gardens, Vauxhall’ were a popular cultural destination over the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. People headed to Vauxhall for an outdoor stroll, for food, drink and entertainment.   The Neon element of the work harks back to all our childhoods of visiting funfairs, piers and theme parks, with their bright lights drawing you into the attractions.  It is uniquely situated next to the main arterial train tracks into London in a neighbourhood that is constantly evolving and changing. The work is illuminated from dusk to 3am and can be viewed from the park or spotted from the train.
You can find out more about the work here ›