Ash to Onnen

We recently helped artists Ackroyd & Harvey with their Ash to Onnen piece which is currently being installed at The…

17 Jan 2018 | Blog, News

What Has To Be Done PV and After Party

Here are some snaps from the recent What Has To Be Done Private View and also the after-after party at…

1 Feb 2017 | Blog, News | , , , ,

Shifting Territories

Gorm has some work in Shifting Territories: Chelsea College of Arts is pleased to present Shifting Territories, an exhibition which…

31 Mar 2016 | Blog, News | ,


I loved getting my hands dirty playing with letterpress recently in New North Press’s brilliant workshop.

21 Mar 2016 | Blog |

Pause Book

We recently designed a Book for UAL’s Professor Chris Wainwright. His Photographic practice over the last 35 years has looked…

29 Sep 2015 | News, Print, Recent Work, Showcase | ,

Goya Dinner

Bullet were asked to design printed elements for the Goya Dinner at The Courtauld Gallery.  We designed place names, food…

11 Jun 2015 | News, Print, Projects | , , ,

UAL Exhibition

We just finished designing and installing the What Has To Be Done / Story Of A Little Boat exhibition at UAL:…

10 Apr 2015 | News | , , ,

Courtauld Donation Box

We recently designed a donation box for The Courtauld Gallery. The secure acrylic and metal box sits in the entrance…

4 Apr 2015 | Recent Work |


Gorm went and visited Vicky Long to check out Studio Long & Scenografika’s latest installation Pleasure. It is a neon and plant…

14 Mar 2015 | We Love | , , , ,

Free The Night

Transport for London have just put on display works by some of the world’s leading photographers past and present –…

12 Mar 2015 | We Love | ,

Goya at The Courtauld

Our friends at The Courtauld Institute of Art invited us to the Private View of Goya: The Witches and Old Women…

26 Feb 2015 | News | , ,

Doves type

We are digging this story about a lost type face.  In the early 1900s type was set using metal blocks unlike…

25 Feb 2015 | We Love | ,

Metalsmith magazine

I had a photo published in Metalsmith magazine recently.   It was featured in Liminal Landscapes article looking at the work and…

25 Feb 2015 | News, Personal |

Edge and Shore

Edge and Shore is a project by visual artist Helen Carnac and dance artist Laïla Diallo, exploring the edges and…

10 Feb 2015 | Branding, Print, Recent Work, Showcase | , , , ,

Cape Farewell Website

Cape Farewell aim to change the way we think about climate change. Partnering with world-renowned institutions, their global programme brings…

12 Jan 2015 | Online, Recent Work, Showcase | , ,

Random Raw

Wayne McGregor’s highly respected dance company Random Dance approached us to brand and design flyers and posters for their work…

5 Jan 2015 | Branding, Print, Recent Work | , , ,

Inspiration Clips

For the past year or so we’ve kept two inspiration clips up on the walls of our studio. We’re loving…

5 Jan 2015 | We Love | ,


ArtCOP21 is an exceptional city-wide climate festival, taking place Paris in 2015. Bullet created the website to launch the project…

5 Jan 2015 | Online, Recent Work, Showcase | , , , ,

We Buy White Albums

Being big fans of The Beatles, we found this interview over at Dust and Grooves to be a fascinating look at what…

17 Dec 2014 | We Love

Tanner Street painting

Looking through Gorminator the other day I found these pics from our last Signal painting session at Tanner Street. Signal…

21 Nov 2014 | Personal |

Dryden Goodwin – Skill

As well as designing a website for Dryden Goodwin’s Skill we also created a billboard and advan posters to promote the…

11 Nov 2014 | Recent Work | , , , ,

Grids Book Feature

Bullet’s design for the Siobhan Davies Dance website has been featured in Gavin Ambrose and Paul Harris’ book: Basics Design:…

6 Nov 2014 | News | ,

Dryden Goodwin’s Skill Project

We recently created a unique website and billboard design for a project for East Durham Creates festival by the artist…

5 Nov 2014 | Recent Work |

Lucid Stead Installation

We are loving what American artist Phillip K Smith III has done. He has added mirrors to the walls of…

11 Oct 2014 | We Love | , ,


Advance is a project by Tonic Theatre, working with England’s leading theatres to transform their aspiration for gender equality into reality….

10 Sep 2014 | Online, Recent Work | , ,

House Of Vans Zine

We designed a spread for the recently opened House of Vans ‘Vanszine’. The spread featured a conversation between our own…

5 Aug 2014 | News, Personal, Recent Work | , , ,

House of Vans

In the summer of 2014 iconic shoe brand Vans opened the House of Vans venue under Waterloo station in London….

5 Aug 2014 | Personal, Photography | , , , ,

Courtauld Friends Events Programme

We recently completed the latest The Courtauld Institute of Art, Friends Events programme. It features work by Egon Schiele on the…

10 Jul 2014 | Recent Work | , ,

Bullet X David Gates

Bullet recently collaborated with the talented David Gates. He designs and makes furniture from his studio and workshop in South London. Recently…

27 Jun 2014 | Personal, Recent Work | , ,

Samuel Courtauld Society Folder

This bespoke folder for The Samuel Courtauld Society has a die-cut ‘I’ to pick out the letter forms central to…

10 Mar 2014 | Recent Work | , , , ,

What Has To Be Done

What Has To Be Done brings a range of people together with a concern for the environment in relation to…

5 Mar 2014 | Branding, Print, Recent Work | ,

Dazzle Ship

We were asked to design the marketing and promotional materials for Dazzle Ship London by Artist Tobias Rehberger. He was commissioned by University of…

10 Feb 2014 | Print, Recent Work |

Courtauld – Goya Proposition

The Courtauld Gallery often has to fundraise in order to host exhibitions.  They produce sponsorship proposals for these, Here is…

6 Feb 2014 | Recent Work | ,

Ama Ata Aidoo Film hits funding target

Bullet recently built a website and print design to help support The Art of Ama Ata Aidoo film fundraising effort via…

10 Jan 2014 | News | ,

Courtauld Friends Membership Folder

We created this folder for The Courtauld Institute of Art’s membership programme.

11 Dec 2013 | Recent Work | , , ,

Still Moving

Bullet designed this photo book for the wonderful Siobhan Davies Dance. The hardback book, published in 2013, features photos by…

11 Dec 2013 | Print, Recent Work | , , ,

Courtauld Institute of Art Prospectus

We were recently tasked with designing and delivering The Courtauld Institute of Arts prospectuses. They have two of them, one…

25 Nov 2013 | Recent Work | , ,

Wayne McGregor | Random – A5 Cards

We are always ready to help our friends out with quick jobs.  Polly who we worked with before when she…

25 Nov 2013 | Recent Work | , , ,

Courtauld Institute of Art Book Sale

We recently created some promotional items for the Courtauld’s annual book sale.  We created some book marks featuring works by…

25 Nov 2013 | Recent Work | , , , ,

Strange Blooms at Southbank Centre

Bullet have recently got back from the printers the first item of promotional material that we are designing for Shobana…

30 Sep 2013 | Recent Work | ,

The Courtauld Print

The Courtauld Institute of Art asked us to design and produce some print items to support their exhibition stand (that…

3 Jul 2013 | Recent Work | ,

The Courtauld at Masterpiece London

Masterpiece London, is a high-end art Fair in the grounds of the Royal Chelsea Hospital. The Courtauld were invited to…

28 Jun 2013 | Recent Work | , , , , ,

What Next?

Bullet were called upon at short notice by What Next? to design and create a website and some print items. What…

4 May 2013 | Recent Work | , , ,

Arctic Poppy Chronicles

The Arctic Poppy Chronicles: Michèle Noach’s superb lenticular exhibition, investigating Arctic poppies’ adaptive behaviour, opens in Oxford at the University’s…

28 Apr 2013 | News |

The Boneyard Project

Sometimes you come across something on the internet you just have to share. The Boneyard Project is one of those…

19 Apr 2013 | We Love | ,

Random Dance FAR Postcards

We just received some postcards we designed for Wayne McGregor | Random Dance for their work entitled FAR which is currently touring….

26 Mar 2013 | Recent Work | , , ,

Becoming Picasso

We highly recommend the Becoming Picasso: Paris 1901 exhibition at The Courtauld Gallery. It runs to 10 May 2013. We…

16 Mar 2013 | We Love | ,

This is where they met

Helen Carnac and Bullet’s own Gorm, have some work in the this is where they met group exhibition by Jewellery Sessions…

26 Feb 2013 | News, Personal | ,

Peter Saville on Unknown Pleasures

We are loving this video interviewing Peter Saville about the graphic that became New Order’s Unknown Pleasures cover art. A…

28 Jan 2013 | We Love | , ,

Sublime timelapse

A superb timelapse by Terje Sorgjerd shot at the El Teide mouton in Spain

28 Apr 2011 | We Love | ,

Technology Will Save Us

Bullet directors, Gorm and Kathy attended High Tech at Bistroteque on Saturday for a day of Arduino.  Ran by Technology…

20 Feb 2011 | News |

Lights On at Siobhan Davies Studios

Bullet were lucky enough to check out the private view of the new exhibition at Siobhan Davies Studios down in…

24 Jan 2011 | We Love |

Last of the Kodachrome

As we close the year of 2010, on December the 30th, Dwayne’s Photo lab in Parsons, Kansas, USA, did its…

31 Dec 2010 | We Love |

Popular Science Magazine over 125 years

Found this epic visualisation of the US magazine: Popular Science.  It shows how over the las 125 years the temporal…

16 Dec 2010 | We Love


Impressive time-lapse footage of the American Southwest for the film TimeScapes.

9 Nov 2010 | We Love |

Kim Rugg: Cut up artist

The amount of time and effort that goes into this Canadian born, London, UK based artists work is testament to the quality of the…

9 Nov 2010 | We Love | ,

Guest Artist: Nathan Gallagher

Kicking off Bullet Creatives’s new Guest Artist Programme and to celebrate the safe return of the 2010 Cape Farewell Expedition to…

8 Oct 2010 | News |

David Engdahl Sculpture

Inspiring stuff from this artist who works in wood taking inspiration from the natural environment. Now where did I put…

4 Oct 2010 | We Love | ,

Homemade Spacecraft

We here at Bullet towers love anything to do with space, and DIY, so when we saw this video, we…

1 Oct 2010 | We Love |

2010 Film Images

We are a big fan of the sci-fi film genera over here at Bullet Towers, so when we chanced on…

24 Aug 2010 | We Love

Biodiversity animatIon

Confused about bio diversity and it’s effects on us narrow-minded humanoids? Check out this really nice info-animation from the Vancouver…

23 Aug 2010 | We Love |


Cape Farewell yesterday opened its touring exhibition U-n-f-o-l-d at Kings Place Gallery in London.  Great space, with some diverse and…

20 Aug 2010 | We Love |

Tone Matrix

Fancy making some ambient tunes? Try this Tone Matrix by Andre Michelle – superb stuff! Thanks to Ray for the…

31 May 2010 | We Love

500 Frames per second Apollo rocket launch

This footage makes fascinating viewing as the camera is running at 500 fps, making the total clip of over 8…

14 May 2010 | We Love |

Olly Moss

These reworking of famous film posters are sublime. Check out more here (cheers HB for the link)

9 May 2010 | We Love | , ,

Nathan Gallagher Prints

Good times fiend and Bullet Alumni Mr Nathaniel Gallagaher has started selling some top class prints of his work. Get…

30 Apr 2010 | We Love |

Sistine Chapel VR

Feel the etherial vibe of the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel, in this beautiful VR. Or just get your Dan Brown on…

26 Apr 2010 | We Love

Unusual Fonts

Looking for that unique font?  Why not go for something made from real world items. Check out more here.

19 Apr 2010 | We Love

Guerilla Kniting

Knit one pearl one, but in a guerilla style! I want to learn how to knit right now, then I…

7 Apr 2010 | We Love

Michael Rakowitz Talks

Michael Rakowitz talks about his Tate Modern exhibition. Star Wars! Art! Saddam Husain!

30 Mar 2010 | We Love | , ,

I’m Here by Spike Jonze

Looks like a shed load of dollars was dropped on to Spike Jonze for this interesting project for Absolute Vodka….

20 Mar 2010 | We Love | ,

Thru You – Kutiman mixes YouTube

This is the best thing I have seen today, and I have seen allsorts today. Kutiman, takes unrelated youtube clips and mixes them together to produce these new musical/video mashups. Good good stuff.

17 Mar 2010 | We Love | ,

Piano Stairs

Great concept, superbly executed: Some stairs on Stockholm’s transit station gets transformed in to a piano.

14 Mar 2010 | We Love |

Star Wars Crochet

Brewster made us aware of this today. Get your patterns here.

12 Mar 2010 | We Love |

French in M&C Saatchi offices

Friend/fiend of Bullet French has some work up in the Saatchi offices – check him out and chill. Then click…

9 Mar 2010 | We Love |

Kodachrome Curtains

Loving these curtains, constructed out of 35mm slides – read how it was done here.

6 Mar 2010 | We Love |

Flags by Colours

Could you recognise your country’s flag by the percentage of colors used? Check out this online work by Shahee Ilas. Lovely…

5 Mar 2010 | We Love |

Robyn Hitchcock: Ordinary Millionaire

We are super proud of Bullet friends Robyn Hitchcock (whose site Bullet built btw), Matt Wainwright and Hannah Bird. They…

27 Feb 2010 | We Love | , , ,

Backyard office

I have seen offices in sheds before, but this one is beautiful in its conception and execution. More here.

26 Feb 2010 | We Love |

Bill Gates goes Nuclear

Not sure if this is super good or super bad for the human race… Microsoft Nuclear Reactor 7 anybody?

22 Feb 2010 | We Love |

What Storm Troopers get up to on their day off

Loving this series of shots of Storm Troopers relaxing.

21 Feb 2010 | We Love |

GML – Graffiti Markup Language

Fascinating stuff here. These guys have developed a technique which enables them to capture a graffiti artists tag not just…

18 Feb 2010 | We Love | ,

Kazuki Takamatsu

Check out these beautiful Gouache paintings by Japanese artist Kazuki Takamatsu. These are paintings and not computer graphics.

17 Feb 2010 | We Love |

Kinetic Sculpture

Theo Jansen on his kinetic sculpture – fascinating stuff.

16 Feb 2010 | We Love | ,

Brief History of Pretty Much Everything

We’re feeling this stop frame animation…

13 Feb 2010 | We Love |

Beatles Analysis Data Design

We are loving this bit of data design by Brooklyn, NY’s Michael Deal. View more Beatles-related data design on Micheal’s…

11 Feb 2010 | We Love |

Nathan Gallagher Studios

Nathan Gallagher is a Bullet Alumni done good.  He has just set up his own studio in Hoxton. Check his…

10 Feb 2010 | News |