This Changes Everything by Joel Horwood


Platform is a series of new scripts for young actors which put girls and their stories centre stage. Launched in…

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Shubbak Festival website

Shubbak Festival

Shubbak is London’s largest biennial festival of contemporary Arab culture. Their ambitious festival programme includes visual arts, film, music, theatre,…

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Website for artist Dryden Goodwin's Skill project. Commissioned by East Durham Creates and produced by Forma Arts.


Skill is a 12-part film by artist Dryden Goodwin, focused on his encounters with people with hands-on specialist skills, ranging…

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Cape Farewell website

Cape Farewell Website

Cape Farewell aim to change the way we think about climate change. Partnering with world-renowned institutions, their global programme brings…

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Exhibition programme for The Collection at the Victoria Miro Gallery in 2009, a group exhibition commissioned by Siobhan Davies Dance.

The Collection

The Collection was an exhibition commissioned by Siobhan Davies Dance in collaboration with leading London gallerist Victoria Miro. Bullet designed…

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ArtCOP21 festival website


ArtCOP21 is an exceptional city-wide climate festival, taking place Paris in 2015. Bullet created the website to launch the project…

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Dryden Goodwin’s Skill Project

We recently created a unique website and billboard design for a project for East Durham Creates festival by the artist…

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Shobana Jeyasingh Dance website

Shobana Jeyasingh Website

The all-new Shobana Jeyasingh Dance website is the latest iteration in our rebrand project, and continues our collaboration with one…

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Advance website - a project by Tonic Theatre looking at gender equality in English theatre


Advance is a project by Tonic Theatre, working with England’s leading theatres to transform their aspiration for gender equality into reality….

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Conversations Around Choreography microsite for Siobhan Davies Dance -

Conversations Around Choreography

Website presenting Siobhan Davies in conversation with eight renowned artists, exploring ideas around choreography and making. The site provides a…

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Your Move - Routes to the River, a public photoblog project by Siobhan Davies Dance

Routes to the River

We recently launched Your Move 2014: Routes to the River, a public photoblog site for Siobhan Davies Dance. The website…

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Side by Side

Side By Side

Photography and website for a two-part experimental residency project instigated by Siobhan Davies Dance. The project was an investigation into…

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Dinosaur Roar! website

Dinosaur Roar

Dinosaur Roar! is the best-selling children’s picture book by Paul and Henrietta Stickland, now published in association with the Natural…

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SP-ARK - web visualisations and concept design for the Sally Potter archive

Anatomy of a Film

Anatomy of a Film is a project that examined the process of legendary British film director Sally Potter, as she…

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iTrace – visual plagiarism tool, concived by Dr John Collomose at the University Of Surrey’s Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing


iTrace is a visual plagiarism tool conceived and programmed by Dr John Collomose at the University Of Surrey’s Centre for…

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Photo portfolio site for Alasdair McLellan

Alasdair Mclellan

Portfolio website for acclaimed fashion photographer Alasdair McLellan, who shoots beautiful photos for the likes of Vogue, Self Service and…

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Drawing Inspiration Website

Bullet are very proud to have helped out the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust with their Drawing Inspiration competition website. The site…

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Your Move 2013 photo blog site for Siobhan Davies Dance -

Your Move 2013

Siobhan Davies Dance’s Your Move 2013 is now open to the public to upload and share their movement related images….

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Ama Ata Aidoo Website

Bullet just launched The Art of Ama Ata Aidoo microsite for Fadoa Film. The site’s aim is to provide information…

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What Next? A5 Card

What Next?

Bullet were called upon at short notice by What Next? to design and create a website and some print items. What…

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Adam Murby Website

Bullet designed and built this website for Adam Murby – an acclaimed Yoga and Pilates teacher based in London.  The brief required…

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David Buckland

This is still work in progress for David Buckland, but his portfolio site is now semi live.  David is an…

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All This Can Happen microsite for Siobhan Davies Dance

All This Can Happen Microsite

All This Can Happen (2012) is a film by Siobhan Davies and filmmaker David Hinton, constructed entirely from archive photographs and…

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Siobhan Davies Dance company website (2007-2013)

Siobhan Davies Website

Siobhan Davies Dance is an investigative arts organisation that stimulates new thinking based on a more contemporary definition of choreography….

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Shortcourse / UK

Bullet recently created a microsite for Cape Farewell’s Shortcourse/UK higher education project.

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Your Move 2012 photo blog site for Siobhan Davies Dance -

Your Move

This website was a great project for Siobhan Davies Dance, encouraging photography of movement and dance during the run up…

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iTrace landing page

iTrace – Visual Plagiarism Tool

In the age of the internet,  it is a lot easier for Visual Arts students to plagiarise work of other…

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Sea Change (Tionndadh na Mara) website

Cape Farewell: Sea Change

Following on from Cape Farewell’s expedition to Scotland at the end of 2011, Bullet were commissioned to create a microsite to…

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Commotion Arts Website

Commotion Arts

We have just put live Commotion Arts new website. Commotion is a small but awesome creative collective, whose first film…

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Michèle Noach Website

We just put talented artist Michèle’s Noach website live. Noach is a founder of Peas, and a highly creative and…

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Siobhan Davies Relay

We recently designed and built Siobhan Davies Relay, a website for Siobhan Davies Studios.  The Studios, located near London’s South Bank…

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Cape Farewell Foundation Home page

Cape Farewell Foundation

Bullet recently launched the Cape Farewell Foundation website. The Foundation covers the North American / and Canadian areas. Cape Farewell promotes…

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Witches of Gambaga Website

Bullet recently launched a website for the award-winning Witches of Gambaga film. An extraordinary story of a community of women…

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The Witches Of Gambaga

Witches of Gambaga

Bullet’s Creative Director Kathy Barber, has recently completed The Witches of Gambaga film poster and website. The film is an…

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Bullet recently designed Spellbound Entertainment’s website. Spellbound are the creators of The Koala Brothers a children’s animation TV show.  

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Landing Page

Philips Preview Event Microsite

Bullet Creative have just put live a microsite for Philips Consumer Electronics.  Each year they invite various buyers to preview…

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Sadhana Dance Website

Continuing our work with Sadhana Dance Company, Bullet recently put live their website to promote both the company and their…

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Cape Farewell 2010 Expedition

The Bullet designed and built Expedition Blog for Cape Farewell’s Voyage around Svalbard went live late last week. The site…

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When two international events and marketing agencies joined forces recently, they needed a new website to showcase their achievements. Bullet…

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Tamasha’s Propeller Blog

Tamasha have gone live with Propeller Blog. A microsite designed and developed by Bullet Creative.  Propeller is an artist training…

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Monster Colletable

Nike 6.0

We helped Nike launch in to action sports, with a clever campaign to build grass-roots support for the brand. We…

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Parallel Voices 2010 microsite for Siobhan Davies Studios

Parallel Voices

Bullet are proud to release the Parallel Voices 2010 microsite for Siobhan Davies Studios.

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Siobhan Davies Collection

The Collection was a group exhibition commissioned by Siobhan Davies Dance. Bullet created a unified solution, that worked online and…

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